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Oh wow. The art idea of the "rule of thirds." So humans are evolved as pretty visual hunter-scavenger-forager types right? Something off outside of those four points is peripheral vision - you'll notice it but not quite as much. Something right in the center is something you've drilled down onto, something you're really focused on. Wow, this sure is a tasty looking berry I just found, it doesn't look at all like something that did in half the troupe last month, I could totally eat that. So... the rule of thirds basically simulates that moment in between when something's really started catching our interest, and the moment in which we're really focused on it trying to figure it out. It's a composition equivalent to finding extreme poses in drawing as the strongest pose, that sort of thing.
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Y'know, if I'm gonna go for dweeby and silly, let's go all-out. Time to take my shirt off and watch me some #AmokTime.

Jim apparently has decided to clamber on ladders today. Also; "The tiny little dresses on the spaaaace girls!" - Frank Zappa #AmokTime

Wow, I forgot Theodore Sturgeon wrote this thing. Oh man, that bass riff. I swear that riff is THE BEST THING in #AmokTime.


What do those big pictures at the top of the bridge do anyway? Are they some sort of scans or weird motivational posters? #AmokTime

Come to think of it, why is the science station a standing-room only thing that flashes you in the face? #AmokTime #poordesigndecisions

Gee, cause snapping angrily at the guy with some sort of psych issue is really gonna help here, Bones. #AmokTime

Oh man, TERRIBLE tangents in these camera shots.

Wow. I'd never before gotten the irony that Spock, actually, was hoping that being half-human would mean he's too rational to do Pon Farr.

Geez I realize it'd involve what Starfleet issue socks look like but doesn't anyone take their boots off before napping, in the future?

You'll excuse me please while I make gagging noises at the sexism. Yeah I know it was the 60s and future gender norms were different but ew.

Gah, SO Elfquesty. Also, uh, isn't she like his fiancee not his wife until he kills someone for her? Murdercee or something. #AmokTime

I understand "this gong sounds awesome, let's bong it!" is illogical but hitting it again won't get them to show up sooner. #AmokTime

"Vhat, these nice gentiles show up from off-plenet for a vedding and you can't even offuh them a cup coffee or maybe a danish?" #AmokTime

The only people cool with T'Pring's decision are T'Pau & bardiche dude and that's only cause it gives them an excuse to be jerky. #AmokTime

Ugh, what's with all the tangents in every close or collar shot in this episode? It's REALLY BUGGING ME.

Aww DUDE that burst of flame from behind Spock suggests he just cut one. Lotta fiber in Nurse Chapel's version of Vulcan cuisine. #AmokTime

"I'll just knock him out with my patented two-fisted downwards swing. It ALWAYS works especially when my shirt's ripped." #AmokTime

MELEE COMBAT WITH THE LIRPA LOOF! Soon to be followed by the deadly WIN-DECKS and the horrible SWET SOKS. #AmokTime

T'Pau and bardiche dude are SERIOUSLY enjoying their assholitude. "Oh, you didn't KNOW it was a combat to the death WELL TOO BAD." #AmokTime

T'Pau, at least a complete n00b can figure out something like a monk's spade - what is this ahn-woon bullshit? you really ARE a total prick.

And now the two dudes are gonna roll around with each other in dirt with testosterone levels out the wazoo. Oh my. #AmokTime

"Hey STON! Enjoy that you're now engaged to a total backstabbing little weasel!" #AmokTime
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I am thinking of some house parties I went to in the early 2000s, when my relationship with Es was fairly new and I was new to the area and a lot of things were different, and it occurs to me that the biggest difference between looking back on your memories regretful that those times are long in the past, and looking at your memories thinking it was amazing so much great stuff happened, is how you feel about the present. If you're doing really okay on emotional breathing room, it is possible to do both at once, and revamp feeling regretful.
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I am fuming about news from Indiana. Hopefully, this will backfire by providing a court case and therefore legal precedent for saying this is bullshit.

Rather than lash out about how people choose to express their understanding of Christianity, I will point out that any government which scapegoats a group is inevitably distracting its citizens from something, and in this case it's painfully obvious that these guys are covering for their inability to provide infrastructure, accountability, or prosperity.
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I'm still thinking about Nimoy - I guess he was more important to my history than I thought of at first. (Back when I was a kid watching the series I wanted to be Sulu. Actually, what's this "back when" part?)

Something that characterizes Spock is that he's not Vulcan the same way he's not human, which means that where an actual full-blooded Vulcan would be irrational as all hell and never think twice about that being inconsistent (Sarek's a great example), Spock's conscious enough to try harder. Which is both noble and a deeply-rooted flaw. He's trying to be this rational ideal - humans aren't, and Vulcans definitely aren't - to the extent that he's hampering himself. Granted he's coming from an entire species with anger management problems and he has a believable perspective that he has to jam down the lid, tightly and at all times and on all his emotions, lest he become a particularly enthusiastic murderous berserker. But ultimately desperately trying to be completely cold and rational, is an irrational stance, especially because emotions are data on their own, and Spock winds up being strongest when he manages to pull off being both rational and emotional, something that makes him potentially way more ethical and compassionate than let's say, Kirk. And that's got to have been a kinda personal journey on Nimoy's part, too.

I think really that's kinda the strongest thing I could get out of old-skool Trek, really.
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What kids your generation might not understand is that, back in the 90s, there really WAS time for Klax. #KlaxWave #OooWOOO


Everyone who's ever been shadow cast for Dune wants to be Feyd-Rautha or the Baron because they get the best musical numbers.

I mean aside from her initial "What's in the Box?" number (admittedly dynamite)the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam barely gets ANY lines.

"Whoa! They have begun to fold space!" *ssssuck* *sssuck* *KOFFKOFFKOFF*
"In other words time for a rave with the space fetus!"


"What do you mean, 'Paul Atreides approaching?'"
"On a giant sandworm. Shall I alert the Emperor?" #MuaDibPictureShow #IWannaGoooo

"Guild skyliner approaching Planet Caitain."
"Guild Navigators, march below me to the presence of Emperor Shaddam IV."

"The tooth? You can't handle the tooth!" #AtTheLateNight #ScienceFiction #MovieShowwww

*follows up the music that goes with Dr. Yueh's betrayal with "Dentist" from "Little Shop of Horrors." SAY AAAAAGH

"Take your hand out of the box and look at it."
*Paul stares at his hand*

"The forms of canle have been observed! Well?"
*gestures. Harkonen troops laugh nervously as expected*
*Dance Magic Dance musical number*


"ShaHUCH! Mua'DIB!"
"Korba's hit! I'm going in after him!"
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Help! I need somebody
Help! Not just anybody
Help! You know I need someone

When I was younger, so much younger than today
I never needed anybody's help in any way,
But that was long ago and now those days are gone
Now I beg you to return and help save Alderaan.

Help me, Obi-Wan, 'cause it's a trope
And I do appreciate you helping Rebels cope
Help me, Obi-Wan, my only hope
Won't you please, please help me?

Years ago you helped my father fighting the Clone Wars
And now I find I've changed my mind and opened up the doors.
But that was long ago and seemed so guaranteed
Now he begs you to return in our hour of greatest need.

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re superhero theme tunes. My idea for a Hulk theme. You'd have some sort of opening lyric about BRUCE BANNER PHYSICS GENIUS, AND THEN...

... the instrumentals would simply become random noises and banging drums, and the vocals would be incoherent yelling for about a minute...

... and then you'd get this surf guitar reverb and the lyrics would just be HULK.

The Grid is a digital frontier & he's basically envisioning packet transfer, but what I know about that doesn't match how Tron Legacy looks.

"I've seen Seabees glittering in their armor at the biCMOS gate. And now all these... memories will be lost like tears in the rain." #Nerdy

Okay swapping out Daft Punk soundtracks b/c I can talk kinda more coherently about Zentraedi & space guitars than about packet refresh rate.

#BritishSexPositions the "Bitsa Wispa." The "Curly Wurly." The "Dairy Milk Giant Buttons." The "good Lord, you don't just TALK about that!"

"Tories and Britain's working classes," recommended only for people with a LOT of experience with anal fisting. #BritishSexPositions"

Privatizing British Rail," #BritishSexPositions

#BritishSexPositions and of course, there's celibacy, better known as the "BBC's fair representation of Green Party candidates."

CRAP it's the part of Krull where Colwyn's broken the transaxle and is just grinding metal and the Wolfen are closing in. #HornerSoundtracks

And then they beam down to the Genesis planet to find the Glaive! #HornerSoundtracks

[K] So. I'm seriously thinking of doing the 50 Shades movie run. Dressed in leathers. Carrying a notepad to say what they do right and wrong.

[K] I am *also* seriously considering walking to the front window dressed, and with a straight face say "One for Spongebob Squarepants, please."

@K Fifty Shades of Spongebob, about Spongebob and Patrick hitting each other with paddles because they think it's hilarious.

@K ... and it'd feature Squidward as a shibari expert who knows the Real Way to do BDSM and that the pair are Doing It Wrong.

@K ...and it'd have a vague plot about Plankton trying to sell posture collars to outcompete our heroes' shop, "Mr. K Leather."

"Instead of a Dark Lord you shall have a QUEEN! My scales are like armor! My claws are like knives! ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR!" #Drgns

"Hot Partly Naked Reptile Women" is one of D&D's tropes much like "Robed Skeletal Figures." I'm sure Paizo HAS tried to combine them.

The Pathfinder Guide to Hot Partly Naked Reptile Women. (There's at least 3-4 monsters that fit that theme.)

thump thump BANG
cynodont cynodont EINS ZWEI DREI VIER

(Oh yeah. When I filk "Cinnamon Girl" I'm thinking of the Type O Neg cover. Sort of like the way "Spider Man" is the Ramones version right?)


So put me in the wheelchair and in the time machine
Hurry hurry hurry to the Oligocene
I can't control my fingers I can't control my spleen

You are my soy sauce, my only soy sauce o/~

Am disappointed that 50 Shades of Grey has nothing to do with how after falling through Moria with the Balrog, he becomes Gandalf the White.
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Clearly, this is where in this Juno Reactor track where all the Cirque guys start rolling around in burning hoops around that dude's bed...

... or it's the part of the movie where, like, that dude is all SO MISTER ANDERSON and then like Keanu is all WHOA and fights him.

And then like Trinity is like whoa you said like never take 980 North during rush hour and Morpheus is all YEAH BUT THE EL CERRITO RANCH 99.

See this is the part of Matrix Reloaded where things flip over in slow motion. So like 50% of the movie. #JunoReactor #MonaLisaOverdrive

Whoa. 1) I didn't realize Wales had her own national anthem and 2) I didn't realize that it's possibly the schmalziest national anthem ever.

This has me listening to national anthems. Finland; a lot like what you'd expect Japan's anthem to be like. Japan; surprisingly not catchy.

Brazilian national anthem; surprisingly operatic, very pleasant. Kenya; uninspiring musically, kiSwahili lyrics are nice.

Sweden; like what the Deutschlandlied would be like with naturalism instead of nationalism.

Norway; pretty nice, sounds much more like a Russian song than expected, also amazed it isn't a huge dig at Swedes.

And, admittedly I was going in biased, but I love Mongolia's national anthem, lyrics and tune alike.

#MakeAFilmUncomfortable you mean other than My Big Fat Greek Wedding and nearly everything Woody Allen ever made?

#MakeAFilmUncomfortable you mean other than the people wolfing down the giant bucket-o-popcorn last/only time I saw Schindler's List?

#MakeAFilmUncomfortable you mean other than Jodorowsky talking about how he had to "rape the bride" during #JodorowskysDune?

[M] @Brushwolf Uh. What? o.o

@[M] Have you seen it yet? It's an great film about the greatest film never made & an inspiring story of why comics are great, BUT...

@[M] There's a part where he's talking about how a director can't leave a story untouched, but has to get in and apply his vision.

@[M] And the particular metaphor he chooses is the story's like a bride on her wedding night thus he has to rape the bride. *squirms*

[M] @Brushwolf just...why

[M] @Brushwolf I haven't. I'd like to, tho I take it as an article of faith that "El Topo" Jodorowski would've gotten it even wronger than Lynch

@[M] Oh wow. Watch it if you can. It would've been a TERRIBLE movie but people (myself included) would have completely fallen for it.

[M] @Brushwolf Yeah, I must see this :) I like stories of films that never were.

@[M] This is sorta a serious version of Mel Brooks' Silent Movie; recruiting brilliant artists & wacky celebs for a far out project.
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1. So I grew up in Georgia and somehow managed to miss many of that state's redeeming features.

The Indigo Girls met and started playing music at the Decatur high school I passed on my way to ride MARTA in to get to Sword of the Phoenix; REM and the B-52s were I guess too edgy and Queer-positive for anyone in my high school to like, and my father's taste in music (classical and some jazz and folk rock) dominated everything at home; I never got to explore Five Points; down the way from me, some guys who were all afire to completely revamp how we saw roleplaying games (to be fair, they did a lot) started a gaming company called White Wolf.

Eventually I graduated high school and went to The University of Michigan. At the time, forging exotic out of state drivers' licenses was a quick way for underage students to get alcohol, so out of state students were instantly popular to talk to. The two questions I got most frequently were "where's your accent?" (my parents are New Yorkers, and my accent is some weird hybrid of Brooklyn/rural Georgia/metro Atlanta which sounded pretty midwestern even before I lived in Michigan for a while) and "do you like REM?" I'd be anxious to appease people and so I'd say yes to that second question.

This meant that when I started investigating pop music, REM was one of the first bands I wanted to try listening to, and of course since they were REM, they totally blew my mind.

2. These days I actually love playing the cleric. Clerics have awesome role-playing hooks as part of their religions, and when you're the cleric, the default action of healing allies starts out great - then you get to have some cool other spells, and you can still wade into combat or snipe from a distance in a way arcane classes can't.

When I was fresh out of Georgia, though, cleric was the role nobody wanted. This is enough editions of D&D ago that fighter classes and thieves got to do the exciting chunky damage, druids had limited healing abilities, bards weren't a viable option for someone who wanted to play with other personalities and abilities and still do healing, and you couldn't just buy up Wands of Cure Light.

I was also trying to be A Good Jewish Boy, because that's what my parents insisted and I hadn't thought to try anything else yet, which meant on Friday nights I'd trundle to Hillel and daven and walk back to the dorm. As the days grew shorter and Shabbas services started earlier, I'd start getting back in time to play D&D - but not quite back early enough to stake out the exciting ranger/thief/whatever roles. I got to be cleric a lot, ironically as a result of being religious.

3. I actually have had that quintessential Old Guy experience, Walking Uphill to School During a Blizzard. Here's how it happened;

As the inclement weather warnings rolled in, the University administration was in one of its periodic pissing matches with the TA union. The union's take on it was that no way were their TAs showing up to class and the administration ordered that there was going to be class those days, no matter what. So I walked from my spot off campus, uphill to class and man, it was cold and huh, that's a lot of snow and not a lot of visibility, but winters down south do not feature blizzards and I figured it was some sort of Michigan thing. It probably does it all the time here, right? By the time I got back from nearly empty classrooms and even more snow I found out that's what I'd been in, a blizzard.
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In your own space, talk about your creative process - from what inspires you to what motivates you to how you manage to break through blocks. Does your process change depending on the type of creating you're doing? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Let's see.

Years ago I read through Figure Drawing Without a Model, which suggested that arty types could take a small sketchpad everywhere to draw from life. Somehow when I put this into practice this migrated into "take a 3.5" x 5" sketchpad everywhere and draw people who look interesting, and thumbnails of what you might want to develop while not on public transit/dead tired/looking at stuff online/at work." The more experienced I get, the more I wind up thumbnailing things. Even if this doesn't generate a variety of staging or details, it's comforting to have something to work with - I'm not starting completely cold hoping to build something awesome.

Actual tools for art-making vary with mood and whatever I've been thinking about. My present choice of pencils are Col-Erase Carmine Red and Light Blue, though I'll use 2H, H and F pencils too - basically what I'm after is something dark enough to be easily visible, soft enough to mostly avoid my bad habit of trying to etch lines deep into the paper, and easy to erase. My current favorite pens are Staedler Pigment liners - I'm still unsure whether I should/whether I'd prefer to work in brush inks. Even though I'll use marker sometimes, most of my coloring is done with a hand-down copy of Photoshop, using a hand-down Intuos tablet (a recent present, previously I'd been using a tiny Wacom Bamboo which was pretty good - the Intuos is a lot nicer though). I really like working digitally because of the speed and accuracy that I can mask off areas, and because selecting color is really obvious, which is nice since I'm still really feeling out color use. Also digital color doesn't trash out your brushes or make weird smells and it's easy enough to haul that stuff around. There's actually a lot of things I'm still feeling out - getting really awesome value contrast is an ongoing thing, picking color palette is a big thing, I'm still figuring out what I want to do with shading, hatching, etc.

Inspiration wise I really pull from visually intense stuff, miniatures, comic books, tabletop RPG materials in particular. If I'm feeling I don't know what I want to draw usually looking at that sort of stuff will give me ideas. I'm also really inspired by the wealth of stuff on the internet, I'll want to experience what it'd be like to try making something like stuff I've seen, or I'll see something awesome technique wise and want to try it even if I don't really wind up using it or being good at it. I'm a little bit more likely to get blocked at a technical or emotional level than an inspirational one - like there'll be stuff I'll put off trying (drawing comics is a big one), or places where I'll be grinding along trying to feel out form or select okay colors, and it takes like forever to get anything I like, that sort of thing. Motivation wise, I really like drawing (and painting, though I'm still pretty new to that) - not just that I can make something that will be cool for me and other people to look at, but also it's fun to learn things and physically move to make things appear on blank paper. It's also escapism - I can go to places I can't go (for instance not stuck on the bus), see things that don't exist, and experience awesome game scenarios which wouldn't necessarily play out the same way in the real world.
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"If he gets on that flight without coffee, you'll regret it." #ReplaceMovieLinesWithCoffee

"I quit because I had a bellyful of bad coffee. But then, I'd rather have halitosis, than be drowsy." #ReplaceMovieLinesWithCoffee

"I've seen coffee you people wouldn't imagine. Traditional brews in Ethiopian restaurants..."

"I've seen lattes glittering in their cups in indy shops in Austin. And now all that java will be lost like tears in the rain. Time to nap."

Wanna see Epic Rap Battle; Treebeard vs. Groot. "I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot." "Hoom. Let us not be hasty, Master Groot."

"Do you like our owl?" "It's artificial?" "Of course it is." "Must be expensive." "Very. I'm Rachel." "Deckard." #moviequotes

Just smush reimagined noir films together! The Strangers came & made Replicants to test out the parameters of humanity by mixing memories.

John Murdock is trying to figure out his past by going to Toontown, which everyone knows about but where nobody's actually been...

In a surprise twist he's a Replicant and the weird bald aliens are actually cartoon characters!

And of course the movie's defined by characterful scenes like Jennifer Connolly singing "One More Kiss Dear" in the club.
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Okay, so something you should probably know about me is that The Nutcracker never featured in my childhood outside of Fantasia, so listening to bits which make it into peoples' choice of holiday music makes me think of the good bits of Fantasia. As an adult with some experience doing animation I have a greater appreciation for all the beautiful, amazing work which I wanted to get through as a kid so I could get to The Good Bits. By "good bits" I mean "has dinosaurs."

Typically I get to hear The Rite of Spring as a coherent whole, but I was able to find a breakdown of the piece and can match parts sooo;

"Mystical Circles of the Young Girls" is the part with the struthiomimes, the Stegosaurus and the hadrosaurs eating and then being alerted.

"Glorification of the Chosen Victim" is the Albertosaurus versus Stegosaurus stenops.

"Ritual of the Ancestors" is the big dinosaur death march at the K-T boundary (does anyone still call it that or has our terminology changed?).
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This archaeological team found "about a thousand individuals have so far been discovered, including one person who was about seven feet tall, and others who were blond and red-haired. They have been dated to between the first and seventh centuries [CE]" -- and that's a little bit early, but those definitely aren't locals or Romans, so I'm kinda hoping some of the cemetery got reused later and they actually found Varangian Guardsmen.
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Ralph Bakshi's DUNE. Because what that novel really needs is more drug use, exposed breasts, and crass jokes about minority New Yorkers!

THRILL as parts of Alexander Nevsky and Zulu through green filters double as the terrifying Sardaukar! #BakshisDune

WONDER at how Jessica & Rev. Haile Merriam are stereotypical Jewish mothers while the Harkonens are offensive Italian stand-ins!#BakshisDune

GASP as Frank Herbert's novel becomes a buddy movie about Gurney, Paul and Stilgar road-tripping across Arrakis on worm-back! #BakshisDune

GAWK at 2 minutes of brilliantly innovative, staggeringly beautiful animation you'll never see anywhere else! RALPH BAKSHI'S CLASSIC, DUNE!

Oh right. I forgot to mention the 2 minute long gag about Thufir Hawat using the bathroom. Why is that even IN #RalphBakshisDune?

Ha ha, DEUS VOLT! *blasts Ave Formossissima/O Fortuna* *mimics putting earth in mouth/slamming down visor/mounting destrier*

Update medieval customs for D&D; before gaming, kiss your d20 to indicate your acceptance of death...

... since DnD's default setting is Faerun & not medieval Europe, instead of crossing oneself the devout may pray to Tymora or bellow TEMPUS!

In fact players with particularly devout characters may choose to bellow TEMPUS! regularly while rolling. It's not annoying AT ALL. TEMPUS!
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Zentraedi guitarist is all "hey how'd these Jin-Roh the Wolf Brigade people wind up in this Daft Punk video?"

Aw man Jin Roh guys have captured the entire band because all of them demonstrate Akira Wave Energy. *Genioh Yamashirogumi* #Interstella5555

Deep in the darkness of space, Lister, the last living human, is buffing the Space Guitar. #Interstella5555

Han Harlock, captain of the YT-1300 MILLENIUM STRATOCASTER. It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in 12 concerts. #Interstella5555

It's THE RAINBOW BRIDGE that connects all nine worlds! Whoa dude #Interstella5555 actually is part of the Marvel-verse!

Whoa the #Interstella5555 guys are like in the Matrix, the world which has been pulled over their eyes to blind them to the truth.#LaMatrice

Dude, they get jacked in and fitted with sunglasses. They really *are* in the Matrix. #Interstella5555

Wait I know where #Interstella5555 is going. The producer is looking for a perfect voice to summon a demon during a rock concert!#ThanksALot

we now interrupt #Interstella5555's exciting car chase to bring you music from a different exciting car chase

Oh wow apparently the aliens in #Interstella5555 bleed PURE BEER. No wonder they're that mellow!

The PC (popular rockers "Crescendolls") leave their safehouse in Seattle to investigate Darkmanor on the Olympic Peninsula. #Interstella5555

The four kids drive their Mystery Machine to Darkwood Manor. Is this actually a transplanetary cult or a real estate scam? #Interstella5555

The #Interstella5555 band wanders into the West Wing, where they find a portrait of The Beast as a human and a single, wilting, magic rose.


The #Interstella5555 PCs wander into the library of Castle Ravenloft where they have very convenient flashbacks about Strahd's origin story.

If you're going to be a music obsessed villain gesturing wildly could you at least have the decency to play the pipe organ? #Interstella5555

Oh now they've gone and done it, Emperor Molaram von Palpatine has fallen into the lava and the whole place is gonna blow. #Interstella5555

Having blown up the secret base in the Olympic Peninsula the PC 'runners drive up 101 to Seattle. #Interstella5555

Then the two phonies got up turned out they had a taser and they tased me in the butthole! #Interstella5555

See if this were Juno Reactor rather than Daft Punk the #Interstella5555 bandmates would go all slow motion backflips on these policemen.


And then the #Interstella5555 band travel through a black hole which turns out to be part of Hell and wind up in another universe!
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#MakeAMovieFromThe80s BARBALIEN! Despite 4 sequels and late-night HBO play, this movie - featuring former Mr. Universe Absalom Krunch...

... as the muscled otherworld warrior in modern LA - never realized the success of Terminator and Conan. #Barbalien #MakeAMovieFromThe80s

You know, this was going to be #MakeAMovieFromThe80s but turns out to be #MakeAn80sCartoon. THE CARE NOSAURS!

The CARE NOSAURS! Each episode Rex, Tarbo, Alberto & friends learn valuable lessons about sharing & friendship! #MakeAn80sCartoon

.. and although the series ran for exactly one season, it uh, spawned, several hundred furry fans with a big thing for Gay muscledino art.
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Stuff I think about after an early morning anxiety spike has me wide awake.

So we have a batch of later ceratopsian fossils and they're all basically the same body plan with an amazing variety of different heads. Horner and other folks have found that some of these are actually the same species, just at different ages. Wikipedia's article on Styracosaurus talks about how lots of ceratopsian skulls have pitting and other damage but nothing that suggests a long period of infection and healing. There's obviously something going on with the ability of ceratopsian dinosaurs to reabsorb or replace bone.

So now what I'm wondering is whether ceratopsians were just great at producing variant crests, and if a lot of what we've found aren't true species so much as them speciating - that some animals with variant crests could still interbreed and it's just a minor variation, where other ones (and big groups like Pachycephalosaurus) really did break off thanks to geographic barriers or whatever, and kept getting weird little variations in crests.
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Thinking about less serious stuff, sparked by Jurassic World and the Ep VII trailer;

I find my nostalgia is a sort of weird bell curve almost.

A complete unknown property is just that. Everything I adore was an unknown at some point, something new that really shook things up, something that was new and awesome for me, too. Something not yet done a million times could tank or it could be the next thing that really grabs me. For all I know my potentially favoritest comic of all time is sitting on the shelves right now, and because it's not something I already know like Invincible, I'd never look at it twice. At some point after that there's the sweet spot, like The Mummy Returns or a bjillion different takes on Spidey, Hulk and Thor, where I actually still am interested in it both because it's new and because it's still familiar.

Somewhere after that we hit things like the Bay TMNT or the Star Trek reboots where eh, I just feel almost exploited ("hey! You're old! You must obviously like TMNT and Star Trek! Therefore you like our movie!") and there's just no interest (I mention the Trek reboots because as soon as I was in a social situation where hey, people were watching 'em, I watched them and kinda liked them even though they were goofy and not really what got me interested in Trek - but if I hadn't been in those situations, I would never have actively looked for those movies). Like even knowing Iain McCaig worked on Jurassic World doesn't grab me, and I figure I'll go see Battle of Five Armies for closure rather than because I particularly expect it to be a good movie.