Mar. 5th, 2015

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I'm still thinking about Nimoy - I guess he was more important to my history than I thought of at first. (Back when I was a kid watching the series I wanted to be Sulu. Actually, what's this "back when" part?)

Something that characterizes Spock is that he's not Vulcan the same way he's not human, which means that where an actual full-blooded Vulcan would be irrational as all hell and never think twice about that being inconsistent (Sarek's a great example), Spock's conscious enough to try harder. Which is both noble and a deeply-rooted flaw. He's trying to be this rational ideal - humans aren't, and Vulcans definitely aren't - to the extent that he's hampering himself. Granted he's coming from an entire species with anger management problems and he has a believable perspective that he has to jam down the lid, tightly and at all times and on all his emotions, lest he become a particularly enthusiastic murderous berserker. But ultimately desperately trying to be completely cold and rational, is an irrational stance, especially because emotions are data on their own, and Spock winds up being strongest when he manages to pull off being both rational and emotional, something that makes him potentially way more ethical and compassionate than let's say, Kirk. And that's got to have been a kinda personal journey on Nimoy's part, too.

I think really that's kinda the strongest thing I could get out of old-skool Trek, really.


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