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Another thing with the JP franchise is feeding the herbivores makes a lot less sense. Ceratopsians and big titanosaurs evolved for a reason; I'd figure that stegosaurids and non-titanosaur sauropodomorphs would have problems digesting Quartenary flowering plants. You'd have to like grow craptons of ferns or something. Since Xenopus is a predator "it has frog DNA" doesn't work here.

Which gets into how Jurassic Park/World is largely Cretaceous macrofauna and "Cretaceous" is just as easy and pleasing to say so IDK why they decided Jurassic unless in that world, someone already staked out Cretaceous Land or something as a trademark leading to my next point. You know how in Blackfish, some problems are the little subsidiary Sea Worldy guys who are even less careful if possible about their orcas? I'd figure in a Jurassic World-verse little knockoff parks would have problems a lot more often. "Crap, our Pachycrocutas got out and dug up an entire graveyard and ate everyone buried there."

Or like the Alien Resurrection plot with the InGen guy who wants the military to have trained raptors. (They're smaller in this movie I think. I think they're more like Deinonynchus instead of Utahraptor like in the first.) It's not hard to imagine someone like that deciding dogs are loyal/smell well/and nobody wants a trademark on resurrected bonecrushers, LET'S BREED BOROPHAGIDS. A pack of Borophagus escaping Lewis-McChord, eating anything and (I'm gonna assume any fossil material could be spliced with Canis DNA a lot more easily here) crossbreeding with the local coyotes and feral dogs is less dramatic than dinos in a Costa Rican theme park but far more feasible.

Another thing. The film jumps through hoops to explain why the therapods have no feathers. Which is okay I guess but... a big chunk of film hinges on dominance disputes. How do you do dominance disputes if you're a pack-dwelling bird ancestor but you've got big razor sickle horrors on your feet and actually fighting is likely to be fatal, which is not what you really want? Well... you puff up your feathers to look big and you make aggravating cockatiel noises at each other. Which works great if you have feathers. Without feathers you have this "uh and then they kinda huff and make genero-monster noises at each other" thing which makes a lot less sense to me.


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