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The Tibetan Book of the Dead turns out to be seriously chunky stuff. Between its value as a philosophical tool, and all the tie ins to myth, to folklore, and just as anthropological information, it's not something I'm going to read just once. This thing is packed with good stuff, and I'm not just saying this because of the elaborate descriptions of furry monster girls and Jack-Kirby-like Tathagathas.

There are little shamanic seeming details scattered all through the thing so far (emphasis on skeleton, blood and entrails, that last part reminds me especially of the zuld in Buryat mysticism) but one part especially struck me;

Then the Lord of Death will drag you by a rope tied round your neck, and cut off your head, tear out your heart, pull out your entrails, lick your brains, drink your blood, eat your flesh and gnaw your bones; but you cannot die, so even though your body is cut into pieces you will recover.

That's being mystically killed eight times, and it sounds like a lot of Siberian stuff as documented in Eliade. Dayumn.
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This idea I'd had for a drawing got me researching Heimdallr. He's sort of an anomaly as Norse gods go. He might be Vanir, and he seems to be weirdly connected to Indo-European stuff. And there's all this "head" and "ram" stuff. Somehow, he reads to me as being someone's main deity and co-opted by a different group. Sort of like Sebeq, or Ganesa.

What that leads me to wonder in turn, is whether Ragnarok as we know it is actually this combination of several different groups' apocalypses. You've got the wolves-swallow-sun-and-moon, wolf-swallows-Odin, Bragi-kills-wolf-as-weregild story line and you've got the Loki-kills-Heimdall-and-vice-versa story line.
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This doesn't resemble anyone I know, not a bit. From The Maidu Indian Myths and Stories of Hanc'ibyjim - a really good book, by the way;

But Coyote was going around here and there.
He saw the hill and said,
"I wonder why this hill is the way it is?"
He looked at it all over.
He stared at it for a while.
"I think I'll just piss on it!" he said.

He took another quick look at the hill,
There in the middle of the valley,
And he pissed on it...

...Then, they say,
He went along where Oskypem Mountain had been,
And, when he had howled "Owowowowowowowo!"
He ran away. He said, "People will talk about me!"


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