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You just drank the 19th century’s most brilliant scientific mind dude. #vanhelsing

Their main agricultural product is torches. And absinthe! #vanhelsing

His face rings a bell! #vanhelsing

We just keep all this crap under major pilgrimage site, nobody cares. #vanhelsing

Gee this ring with a little dragon couldn’t be related to Dracula. #vanhelsing

Transylvania where the rulers have been very stationary Roma for centuries somehow. #vanhelsing

I’m glad we caught you at home. Can we use your phone? We’re both in a bit of a hurry. #vanhelsing

Gee cause the locals have had no experience with vampires the last 500 years. #vanhelsing

“I can sense fresh blood rushing through her veins.” Actually that’s deoxygenated blood. #vanhelsing

Curse this loveless undead existence. The eternal night filled with naught but 5 dots in Dominate and 3 Celerity. #vanhelsing

Their house is a museum where people come to see ‘em. #vanhelsing

Jonesy! Jonesy! Miao! #vanhelsing

He transforms into a werewolf and no horse tonker? #vanhelsing

Let’s go hunting werewolves after dark kinda like I said was a bad idea 8 minutes ago. #vanhelsing

“Why do you do it, this job of yours?” Oh, dental, 401k. The usual. #vanhelsing

Looks like some sorta secretion. Yeah but secreted from what? #vanhelsing

“How do you know me?” Oh your FetLife profile. #vanhelsing

He vould hev a gigantic Schwanstuecker. #vanhelsing

On the internet nobody knows you’re a lifeless mockery of human existence created by late 19th century science. #vanhelsing

Your family’s hunted vampires for centuries and NOW you’re surprised Dracula has no heartbeat. #vanhelsing

Uttidi! #vanhelsing

“He isn’t evil!” Yes but the monster isn’t Frankenstein either. #vanhelsing

“Go! Find the cure!” But I like Sisters of Mercy more. #vanhelsing

He loses more ceiling-cycling midget lab assistants that way. #vanhelsing

We put the acid vat right in the middle of the lab where it’s most useful. #vanhelsing

He remains a werewolf long enough to get in one last cliche. #vanhelsing

Her grandson’s gonna find her burned mask and vow to finish what she started. #vanhelsing
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