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More thinking about the movie;

  • A major plot point is that the big bad has been chipped, and she manages to gouge the chip out of her back. Only one chip makes no sense for people who might want busy work (it's a job) including a lot of ex-military (who might want redundant systems) tracking something worth tons of money (something mentioned repeatedly). The chip itself is also this giant thing, it looks like something from the '60s. My cat was chipped and it didn't show up on her, and she was this tiny 7 lb thing. Heck, if this is slightly-alt-future-2015 full of gene-splicing tech way better than the real world, why wouldn't they want to use their world's somewhat more plentiful and nicer chips for stuff like individual teeth so they can monitor growth or something?

  • Another major plot point, it's never explained how the bad bad foils the thermal sensors in her own enclosure. I can only see it if she can enter topor to conserve heat anyway, and that's never implied of any of the animals.

  • Another major plot point is that miniguns are designed to shred things yet don't. Somehow the big bad walks away from being in the vague area of a Vulcan cannon's effect as well as a LAW.

  • Another major plot point is that the 8th richest man in the world who technically owns the park, pilots a helicopter to try taking down the big bad and it manifestly doesn't work out. He's supposed to be a sympathetic John Hammond type, but the way he's a wealthy foreign investor with all sorts of holdings including fossil fuels and theme parks cuts my sympathy for him immediately. Wait. This is a mountainous park where guests routinely have problems with heat stroke, and I'm supposed to believe the island has only one helicopter and no qualified pilots other than a billionaire and his flight instructor?

  • The big plot points I had problems with, even sitting right there in the theater, is the idea that the petrol in a Jeep abandoned in the early 90s will still be good, and that, once a pack of predators swaps out alphas they are okay swapping alphas out again. They keep using that terminology btw; Mech has rejected the idea of wolves having really dogmatic pack structure as the result of small stressed captive groups, so it's appropriate here. An animal doesn't just grunt at others and suddenly it's in charge, and I definitely don't believe that in something related to birds. You'd figure the movie would abruptly stop so that the dinosaurs could gape at each other/erect feathers or spines (yeah I know)/deposit scent/have some sort of non-fatal short aggression/make aggravating parrot screeches at each other. Really there's no reason why the pack decides big bad is a better velociraptor than Chris Pratt and then, thirty minutes later, they decide Chris Pratt is a way better velociraptor, other than it makes the movie work.

  • Part of Blackfish is that the major problems aren't just Sea World, but little knockoff Sea Worlds all over the place with less resources devoted to keeping their staff safe from orcas they have no resources or interest in keeping safe and sane. You'd figure there'd be several little Cretaceous Parks/Mesozoic Lands/whatever and they'd have a long list of hushed up incidents by now.

    See also "just because it's a herbivore doesn't make it safe," which has always been a thing with these movies. Horses - and especially zebras, because keepers notoriously think zebra body language is horse body language when it isn't - can seriously mess people up, and the most animal related fatalities in the world are hippos, because not much is going to stop a hippo when it is trying to get away from something. And you're telling me something with a big vegetation clipping beak and a lot of mass doesn't regularly hurt people?
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