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So Jurassic World. Basically it's a good movie, but not great. If you can imagine crossing Jurassic Park, Blackfish and Alien Resurrection in about that decreasing order, you've got the movie.

  • Probably the least satisfying thing about the movie is that it really didn't read as being about awesome-cool dinosaurs. It's a fun something's-gone-horribly-wrong-with-the-theme-park where the something horribly wrong is dinosaurs escaping. Like there's a major chunk of the movie where the disaster is escaped pterodactyloid and rhamphorynchoid pterodactyls, but you never really get clear shots of what the pterodactyls look like, and they're introduced suddenly - you don't get a pre-disaster chunk where you get to see how awesome the pterodactyls are. Oh and there's a mosasaur. The paleonerd in me is all "this is cool, but they're not dinosaurs. Having cave hyenas, dire wolves and mastadons would be awesome too but they're not dinosaurs and I'm a little less interested right now." It's a fun action movie, though. Lessee... Jurassic World is an awesome dinosaur movie like 4e is an awesome edition of D&D.

  • There's some handwavy Science!!! about how these animals really aren't dinosaurs and some of them are radically different as a result of splicing their DNA, presumably explaining things like no feathers... no big pubic rockers... weird forelimbs... no bright patterns. Okay, but then you're making a movie about dull-colored reptilian monsters who make monster noises rather than about dinosaurs. There's actually a chunk of the movie which hangs a lampshade on this fact.

  • If you're going to compare movies, having an animal trainer pointing out that look, undersocialized animals in small enclosures are going to have problems and that a barely imprinted wild animal is not going to be merely an easily-obedient dog, is much more tolerable than some fucking mathematician being intellectually superior to the rest of the universe (sorry. I detested that aspect of the first movie).

  • Some chunks of story just never really engaged me. There are characters you're supposed to find sympathetic who are just kinda ehh, a chunk which is supposed to be a tearjerker but which is just weirdly isolated (yes, I did tear up during it, but I'm easy that way), a narrow escape through unbelievable good fortune and resourcefulness (which then is made to not count), some incredible plot handwaving at the end, and a whole big plotline - the Alien Resurrection chunk - which comes across as really tacked on or something.

  • It manages to be kind of a savage take on mega-corporate logos-on-everything summer-blockbuster culture, which is kind of ironic.
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